Sunday Morning Around the Readings

The exhortations listed below were given at the Brisbane Memorial meetings and are ordered by the day of the month to facilitate reference to the daily readings for that day.  



Planted by the waters of life_7th January 2018

How precious is Yahweh's steadfast love_20st January 2019

Joseph David and Christ_21st January 2018

Joseph, sons of Korah and the love of God_24th January 2021


Girding up the loins of your mind_2nd February 2020

Take Refuge in Him_4th February 2018

The seven last plagues_7th February 2021

The giving of the vineyard to others_16th February 2020

Yahweh's treasured ones the sons of Asaph_17th February 2019


Do not be anxious about anything_1st March 2020

Psalm 107 Exhortation to the redeemed of Israel_3rd March 2019

Psalm 108 The Peace of the Beloved and His redeemed_4th March 2018

The sun dial of Ahaz_15th March 2020

Praise the Name of Yahweh_17th March 2019

Psalm 139 He who was curiously wrought_18th March 2018

This Generation_29th March 2020

Two Women Two Ways Two Sons_31st March 2019


Presumptious sin and the deliverance of the righteous_1st April 2018

Soul's wisdom, it's future and hope_4th April 2019

The Evil that Yahweh sends_12th April 2020

Christ at the feast of tabernacles_15th April 2018

To gather into one the children of God_18th April 2021

The sacrifice of fools_26th April 2020

The Sabbatical year_28th April 2019

Stephen and the whole man_29th April 2018


The opening of the eyes turning from darkness to light_5th May 2019 

My hands drip with myrrh_8th May 2022

The dance of Mahanaim_10th May 2020

He is your life_13th May 2018

The hand stretched out over all the earth_24th May 2020

The day the sun and moon stood still_26th May 2019

Paul Joshua and the Eventide prophecy_27th May 2018


Jacob's children the work of Yahweh's hands_5th June 2022

Woe to those who go down to Egypt_7th June 2020

Fire out of the rock at Ophrah_9th June 2019

Behold the King shall reign in Righteousness_17th June 2018

Who will attend and listen for the time to come_19th June 2022

Hear Oh House of Jacob_23rd June 2019


The Lord of the Sabbath_1st July 2018

I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save_7th July 2019

The sufferings of David, Jeremiah and the Lord Jesus_11th July 2021

Whom do men say that I am_15th July 2018

The wedding garment_21st July 2019

Attaining the resurrection from the dead_24th July 2022

Yahweh will redeem Israel from all his iniquities_25th July 2021

Vessels of Mercy or Wrath_29th July 2018


The passing of time as we wait for Christ_4th August 2019

Thorns that cannot be taken with the hand_7th August 2022

Sons of Belial shall be like thorns that are thrown away_8th August 2021

I will restore the fortunes of Judah and Israel_12th August 2018

In the company of two prophets_18th August 2019

The fall of Afganistan_22nd August 2021


All my salvation and all my desire_1st September 2019

Those who wait for Yahweh_2nd September 2018

Remember my affliction_3rd September 2017

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and the King of Righteousness_11th September 2022

The meeting of life and death_15th September 2019

The Remnant-the men of your redemption_16th September 2018

How beautiful are the feet of them_17th September 2017

Vessels full of light_19th September 2021

Joining ourselves to the beloved_29th September 2019

David girded with a linen ephod_30th September 2018


The bringing of the ark to Jerusalem_1st October 2017

Sitting before Yahweh_3rd October 2021

The Hour is coming_13th October 2019

In the Mount of Yahweh it shall be seen_14th October 2018

The temple of God_15th October 2017

Yahweh's steadfast love endures forever_17th October 2021

Service - but not with a whole heart_28th October 2018

The Glory of Yahweh_29th October 2017

The anointing of the Most Holy One_31st October 2021


God rules in the kingdom of men and not just when we want Him to_8th November 2020

Waiting for Christ on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall_10th November 2019

One Hundred Years on_11th November 2018

The year 1917 & the Hope of Israel_12th November 2017

Guarding the deposit entrusted to us_24th November 2019

Paul's last letter to Timothy_bro Jim Sommerville_25th November 2018

Two years before the earthquake_26th November 2017

Comfort of fellowship_Goldthwaite gathering_29th November 2020


The tongue sets on fire the wheel of life_9th December 2018

Israel's comfort and consolation_10th December 2017