10.—Evening-Morning Vision


In the twenty-sixth verse it is written, “The marah, or thing seen of the evening and morning which was told is true; wherefore shut thou up the khahzon, or vision, for it is for many days”. The vision was given principally to exhibit this great object, namely, the suppression of the evening-morning sacrifice until the Latino-Greek Babylonish power should be helplessly broken by the Commander of the army of Israel. This is then the reason why the vision of the Ram and Goat is styled “the thing seen of the evening and morning”, or the evening-morning object.

When Daniel had the vision, the evening and morning sacrifice was suppressed, Jerusalem in ruins, and Judah in the province of Babylon. He was, however, fondly expecting the restoration of all these in about sixteen years (Dan. 9:2): but here was a new vision which taught him, that a breaking up of Judah by a more formidable enemy than the Chaldeans was to occur after their restoration from the Babylonish captivity. He saw that “the Breaker up of Judah” was to exalt himself successfully against the long-expected Messiah; again to suppress the sacrifices, destroy the temple and city, abolish the Mosaic institutions, and scatter the power of the nation. In view of these events, what would become of all the promises made to the fathers of Israel? How long was deferred hope to make the hearts of believers sick? That the promises would certainly be fulfilled he had no doubt; but then, as a lover of his people, he was appalled at the greatness of their rebellion, and at the calamities it would bring upon them in punishment for their crimes. The prospects of these things had a sickening effect upon the prophet. “I fainted”, said he; “and was sick for days”. He had been told how long the glory of Judah should be veiled in rayless night, and that deliverance should come at last: but the information only left him in blank amazement; for he says, “I was astonished at the thing seen, but none understood”; that is, at what time the scattering power would be broken, and the evening and morning sacrifice restored. Though ignorant of this, Daniel had consolation in knowing that at the end of the time appointed in the vision “the Holy shall be avenged”.