Sunday Morning Around the Readings


Planted by the waters of life_7th January 2018

Joseph David and Christ_21st January 2018

How precious is Yahweh's steadfast love_20st January 2019


Girding up the loins of your mind_2nd February 2020

Take Refuge in Him_4th February 2018

The giving of the vineyard to others_16th February 2020

Yahweh's treasured ones the sons of Asaph_17th February 2019


Do not be anxious about anything_1st March 2020

Psalm 107 Exhortation to the redeemed of Israel_3rd March 2019

Psalm 108 The Peace of the Beloved and His redeemed_4th March 2018

The sun dial of Ahaz_15th March 2020

Praise the Name of Yahweh_17th March 2019

Psalm 139 He who was curiously wrought_18th March 2018

This Generation_29th March 2020

Two Women Two Ways Two Sons_31st March 2019


Presumptious sin and the deliverance of the righteous_1st April 2018

The Evil that Yahweh sends_12th April 2020

Soul's wisdom, it's future and hope_4th April 2019

Christ at the feast of tabernacles_15th April 2018

The sacrifice of fools_26th April 2020

The Sabbatical year_28th April 2019

Stephen and the whole man_29th April 2018


The dance of Mahanaim_10th May 2020.mp3

The opening of the eyes turning from darkness to light_5th May 2019

He is your life_13th May 2018

The hand stretched out over all the earth_24th May 2020.mp3

The day the sun and moon stood still_26th May 2019

Paul Joshua and the Eventide prophecy_27th May 2018


Woe to those who go down to Egypt_7th June 2020

Fire out of the rock at Ophrah_9th June 2019

Behold the King shall reign in Righteousness_17th June 2018

Hear Oh House of Jacob_23rd June 2019


The Lord of the Sabbath_1st July 2018

I, speaking in righteousness, mighty to save_7th July 2019

Whom do men say that I am_15th July 2018

The wedding garment_21st July 2019

Vessels of Mercy or Wrath_29th July 2018


The passing of time as we wait for Christ_4th August 2019

I will restore the fortunes of Judah and Israel_12th August 2018

In the company of two prophets_18th August 2019


All my salvation and all my desire_1st September 2019

Those who wait for Yahweh_2nd September 2018

Remember my affliction_3rd September 2017

The meeting of life and death_15th September 2019

The Remnant-the men of your redemption_16th September 2018

How beautiful are the feet of them_17th September 2017

Joining ourselves to the beloved_29th September 2019

David girded with a linen ephod_30th September 2018


The bringing of the ark to Jerusalem_1st October 2017

The Hour is coming_13th October 2019

In the Mount of Yahweh it shall be seen_14th October 2018

The temple of God_15th October 2017

The Glory of Yahweh_29th October 2017

Service - but not with a whole heart_28th October 2018


Waiting for Christ on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall_10th November 2019

One Hundred Years on_11th November 2018

The year 1917 & the Hope of Israel_12th November 2017

Paul's last letter to Timothy_bro Jim Sommerville_25th November 2018

Guarding the deposit entrusted to us_24th November 2019

Two years before the earthquake_26th November 2017


The tongue sets on fire the wheel of life_9th December 2018

Israel's comfort and consolation_10th December 2017