Elpis Israel

(The Hope Of Israel)
Being An Exposition Of
The Kingdom Of God,
With Reference To
The Time Of The End,
And Of The Age To Come

Reading Plan,

Publishers Preface,

Biographical Notes,

Authors Preface,

From the Preface to Third Edition

From the Preface to Fourth Edition

Publishers Notes,


Part First
The Rudiments of the World

Chapter 1 – The Necessity of a Revelation

Chapter 2 – The Creation of the Earth and Man

Of the Sabbath day
The formation of man
Man in the image and likeness of the Elohim
The spiritual body
The formation of Woman
A great mystery
The Garden of Eden
Man’s dominion
The tree of knowledge of good and evil
Tree of life
Man in his novitiate

Chapter 3 – God’s law and how sin entered into the world

The serpent
The nature of the transgression
A good and an evil conscience
The carnal mind
The prince of this world
The works of the devil
The great dragon
The man of sin

Chapter 4 – The sentence of death – The ruin of the old World and the preservation of a remnant

The peace and safety cry
Cain, Able, and Seth
The antediluvian apostasy
The foundation of the world
The constitution of sin
The constitution of righteousness
The two principles

Chapter 5 – Immortality, Religion, “Clergy” and “Laity"

The cherubim
The flaming sword
The way of the tree of life
Summary of principles

Chapter 6 – The present world in relation to the world to come

Dissertation on the Elohim


Part Second
The Things of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ

Chapter 7 – The gospel of the kingdom in relation to Israel and the gentiles

Apostolic succession

Chapter 8 – The gospel preached to Abraham; his faith and works

The promise made of god unto the fathers
The promise made to Abraham
Abraham the heir of the world
The token of the covenant
The allegory
Parable of the seed
Summary of Abraham’s faith

Chapter 9 – The gospel preached to Isaac and Jacob. The scripture Doctrine of election

The vision of Jacobs’s ladder
The parable of Joseph
Jacob’s prophecy of the last days
Summary of the faith at Joseph’s death

Chapter 10 – The gospel in relation to the mosaic economy

The lord’s Passover
The twelve tribes constituted the kingdom of god
The royal house of the kingdom
The kingdom and throne of David

Chapter 11 – Things concerning the name of Jesus Christ

The priesthood of Shiloh
Shiloh to build a temple
The name of Jesus Christ
Death bed and Gaol repentance


Part Third
The Kingdom of the World in Relation to the Kingdom of God

Chapter 12 – Nebuchadnezzar’s image, -- The hand of God in human history

Nebuchadnezzar’s image
The vision of the four beasts
Of the lion
Of the bear
Four headed and four winged leopard
Of the fourth beast, or ten-horned dragon
Of the saints and two witnesses

Chapter 13 – Roman Babylon and the resurrection of the witness

Chapter 14 – The “vials of the wrath of God.” – Armageddon

The seventh trumpet
“Three unclean spirits like frogs.”
"Behold, I come as a thief !"

Chapter 15 – The eastern question before Christ

Paraphrase of Daniel’s eleventh chapter
The king and the “strange God”
Mahuzzim bazaars

Chapter 16 – The eastern question in the time of the end

Gōgue and Magōgue
Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal
Magogue and Gomer
To Gōgue himself

Chapter 17 – The resurrection of Israel – The second exodus – The millennium – “The end.”

The second exodus